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Ricoh Arena – Case Study

CamdenBoss are a leading, innovative manufacturer of fabricated plastic enclosures, utilising their inhouse manufacturing capabilities to produce custom and bespoke enclosure solutions. Situated within the UK. The capabilities of the company surpass more than just the ability to provide a fully custom enclosure, designed to the customers’ requirements but also the promise of a high quality, stylish design that is driven by the customer. The understanding of the enclosure market paired with the unbeatable expertise of the teams, provide the ideal pillars that support a great working relationship.

Ricoh Arena approached CamdenBoss Back in 2017 at the EDS show in October to discuss their requirements. The initial discussion was based on an incubator housing, dubbed as Phasefocus. During the initial stages of the enquiry CamdenBoss held multiple meetings to discuss the workings and design of the products and how the two teams would put their expertise together to produce the final product. During these meetings, the electromechanical assembly was also discussed to see where CamdenBoss could assist with this, again putting their in house capabilities to use.

During these stages’ challenges were overcome by both parties being openly willing to discuss potential options for the process and components so that a repeatable and long-term supply could be achieved, with large efforts taken to ensure that the overall aesthetic was too standard and functionality paramount.

Overall, the feedback was well received and positive, with the product now launched, the next stages are to review all aspects of the design and ensure a steady progression towards scheduled orders.

Phasefocus offers a disruptive technology that is revolutionising the performance of imaging instrumentation and bringing new user value to a wide range of analytical applications from label-free cell imaging and quantitative electron phase microscopy to ophthalmic lens metrology and beyond. The primary project with CamdenBoss relates to their Live Cell Imaging System, Livecyte. Where the need was to produce an environmental enclosure that ensures long term thermal stability and hence the viability of the cells under investigation.

Phasefocus chose to work with CamdenBoss on this project due to the manufacturing methodology that suited their volume requirements, the quality of products looked suitable and confidence in the team was clearly evident during discussions with the design and manufacture teams.

Throughout the project, and as with all projects, teething issues were expected and faced. The initial design used Sealwise, a relatively new material but chosen for its antimicrobial and thermal properties. There were issues obtaining the black material from the manufacturer and problems with the tolerance. The design was reissued in ABS to avoid using Sealwise but there were issues with fitting of the components due to the shape and also a high scrappage rate. Note this shape was in the original design and all qualification and marketing material produced by Phasefocus related to it. The design had to be adjusted to meet manufacturing capability.
Another issue was an unforeseen performance problem – CamdenBoss quickly produced a design revision on a subcomponent to accommodate.

After the product had been presented, it was clear to Phasefocus that dedication and professionalism with a solid customer focus was evident; building a good customer relationship, working together to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

If you have a project similar to this or would like to discuss your own idea confidentially, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team to arrange a visit.

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