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CamdenBoss consistently drive quality and innovation to enable the customer to stand out from the crowd. They remain the only company to provide multiple industrial products including terminal blocks, waterproof connectors, fuses and fuse holders, along with customised plastic and metal enclosures. Giving the customer engineered solutions and modern products all designed around today’s market.
The smartbox+, by DUOTECHNO has been designed with home users in mind. Utilising one of CamdenBoss’ CNMB DIN rail enclosures, the smartbox+ is the ideal starters package for home automation purposes. The module provides a wide range of possible uses, with potential to control up to twelve light circuits, four of which are dimmable through a built-in feature. There are 16 entries, for push buttons and movement detectors; what’s more is you can also control one screen, a roller shutter or gate. An integrated 12V DC power supply enables the user to power movement detectors, primarily for smart security systems around the home. To top it off the device also allows two temperature sensors to be connected – All of this from one very handy IoT device!
However, it doesn’t stop there.

The Smartbox+ is also equipped with a network interface, enabling the home automation and the user to connect up to five smart devices, such as smartphones, tablets, control points etc. ideal for world we live in, creating a more connected experience in our homes, where comfortability is key. The configuration is limited to filling out the IP address to connect with the system, and that’s it, everything else runs on autopilot.
So, with so much to offer and all for a very competitive price, when you think home automation, think smartbox+.
What is the benefit of the DUOTECHNO SMARTBOX+?
Home systems are becoming more automated and with home automation devices, we make our lives more comfortable and easier. With the ability to control so much, remotely, the smartbox+ has been developed with a user-friendly interface in mins, backed by 15 years’ experience in the home automation game. With a single touch of a button on your wireless tablets and mobile phones, lights can be controlled, your front gates open or your audio system plays your favourite tracks, leaving you in complete control of your new smart home.

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